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Below are the links to our favorite resources for finding support and advice during the research process. We hope these will be helpful for you as well. Contact us to tell us about other sites you have found useful.


Graduate Student Networks and Support

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) acts as a clearinghouse for graduate and professional student organizations, serves as an advocacy group for graduate-professional student needs and rights at all levels, addresses a broad range of graduate student issues.

Research Together (Affiliated with NAGPS) was created to support researchers around the world. By joining this online global community, members can find others conducting similar research and have access to useful research links.

The Foundation Center collects, organizes, and communicates information on U.S. philanthropy and provides training on the grantseeking process. You may search their online database to find foundations and grants that could support your work.

Dead Thesis Society is a thesis support community of graduate students. Their email forum provides a supportive environment for people to discuss problems and ways to stay motivated during the writing and revision stages of a thesis.

UMI Dissertation Services is a portal for searching, accessing, and ordering completed theses and dissertations as references for your work.

Improving Your Writing

Amherst College Writing Center Handbook presents concepts of organization, writing, and revising your work, as well as tips on mechanics, style, logic, and frequently misused words.

Purdue Online Writing Lab Handout Repository presents the principles and rules concerning general writing, researching and documenting sources, punctuation, capitalization and spelling, sentence construction, and using parts of speech.

Strunk's Elements of Style is a classic reference book for any writer. This site includes discussion of rules of usage, principles of composition, commonly misused words and expressions, and commonly misspelled words.

Fighting Writer's Block is a collection of techniques from the Amherst College Writing Center for getting your words on paper.

Style Guides and Resources

American Psychological Association (APA) Style Site is the official APA style site managed by the American Psychological Association.

Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab’s guide to using MLA format.

FAQs for Using Chicago Style is the official Chicago style site managed by the University of Chicago Press.

ONLINE! Citation Styles Index presents the rules for citing online sources in a variety of styles.

Research Methods

Guide to Research, created by the Colorado State University Writing Center, discusses several issues of qualitative and quantitative research, including reliability and validity, generalizability and transferability, statistics, and principles of design and methodology for various types of studies.

Doing Research in the Library, presented by the library staff of UC-Santa Cruz, offers general and specific guidelines for conducting efficient searches in the library.

Case Study Method, created by Susan Soy of the University of Texas School of Information, is an overview of the steps involved in conducting case study research.

Content Analysis, created by the Colorado State University Writing Center, presents the background and step-by-step process of performing content analysis.



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