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Welcome to Graduate Research Coaching, the premiere support organization serving graduate students across disciplines worldwide. These pages describe why graduate students are seeking support and what kinds of support are available. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Why Research Coaching?

The graduate research project requires significant learning and intense effort—often beyond what you initially expect. Adding this undertaking to your existing school, family, and work responsibilities can seem overwhelming.

Now, you can ease the burden by enlisting the support of an experienced coach committed to helping you complete your work.

Graduate Research Coaching offers you a wide range of services from real-time coaching to expert formatting to guide and facilitate your effort. So while your research project will still be hard work and demand much from you, now your road to graduation can be just a little easier.

What is Research Coaching?

At Graduate Research Coaching, we don’t do the work for you. Nor do we replace your advisor. Instead, we offer you the timely (and even real-time) structure, feedback, and support that enable you to do your best work. Our services offer you:
  • Interest and Support: With Graduate Research Coaching, you gain a partner who is interested in your project and helping you move forward. And if you get stuck, we first help you think through why and where you’re getting stuck, and then we help you get moving again.

  • Thoughtful Exchange: Whether through verbal or written exchanges with us, you have regular opportunities to express your ideas and field questions about your research. These exchanges allow you to crystallize your thinking and maximize your learning.

  • Feedback: We give you timely and specific feedback about your work, often in less time than your advisor is able to do. This means that you save precious time and effort.

  • Accessibility: Graduate Research Coaching is dedicated to responsiveness. With most services, we are just a phone call or email away. And if you desire greater support, we can even coach you as you work!

  • Opportunity to Outsource Nonessential Tasks: Depending upon your field of study, some parts of your work can be outsourced without compromising the integrity of your scholarship. In most fields, students may outsource copyediting and final formatting. Knowing you can focus on the content of your study leaves you with more time and energy for what's most important--your original scholarship.


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