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Author Research Services conducts original research to inform your own writing or decision making. The process begins by discussing the need and purpose for your project. Author Research Services then creates a project outline along with schedule and cost estimates. The project outline defines the project purpose, questions for exploration, proposed deliverables (including estimated length, outline, and voice), and sources to be consulted.

Sample Projects :


Review of Literature. Literature review which provided the theoretical and practical grounding for a new business venture. Written in academic voice, 21 pages, 108 references.

Summary Article and Model. Overview article which condensed a Review of Literature into a format and style for distribution to general audiences. Written in casual voice, 8-page document and 1-page graphical model, 108 references.

White Papers. Series of white papers for publication and distribution in support of a new business venture. Written in casual voice, 1 page each, 9 sources.

Journal Articles. Journal articles based upon original research. Published in trade journal. Written in business voice, 20 pages, 20 sources.

Competitor Report. Report of three leading competitors operating in the market the client wanted to enter. Written in business voice, data provided on 8 competitive variables.

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