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Data analysis includes basic statistical analysis and content analysis of qualitative data. Basic statistical analysis includes calculating mean, standard deviation, and correlation statistics. Corporate Research Services also quickly converts your raw feedback and other non-numerical data into clear and meaningful information to help guide your next steps. A descriptive feedback report is supplied, which contains themes present in the data, the number of times and frequency with which each theme was reported, and raw data sorted by theme.






Sample Qualitative Data Analysis Report:

Recommended Course Content
Table 2 lists participants’ recommendations concerning course content. The two most common recommendations, each voiced by 27% of participants were (a) how to generate high participation and (b) building presentation skills. For example, one participant explained, “the hardest thing I struggle with as a trainer is how to get people involved in the course and sharing their experiences.” Another participant stated, “I would like more feedback on my presentation skills. For example, videotaping me would help me see what I am and am not doing.” Other recommended course content included designing a course (20%) and evaluating course effectiveness (10%).

Table 2
Recommended Course Content

Theme                                                       N                            %

How to generate high participation                 8                            27%
Building presentation skills                            8                            27%
Designing a course                                       6                            20%
Evaluating course effectiveness                     3                            10%

N = 30

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